What BFFR means in text?

Last updated: Dec 20, 2023

What BFFR means in text or TikTok?

BFFR stands for "be f*cking for real". It's an acronym used all over social media to call out when someone is obviously lying or exaggerating.

The softer version "be freaking for real" can be used if the one above is unappropriate.

How the BFFR came out?

The phrase has its origins in African American slang, where "be for real" means to stop kidding around and get real. The more intense version "be freaking for real" started getting thrown around online in the last few years.

In 2022, the abbreviated form "BFFR" blew up thanks to a viral TikTok sound of rapper Slump6s. Now people use it constantly in texts, tweets, Snaps - basically calling BS whenever someone says something questionable.

It's the new way for young people to be like - "yo, I know you're not actually that dumb and you know what you just said is obviously not true, so be freaking for real." The acronym gets tossed out when you want make it clear that the person needs start getting real with themselves about whatever you're talking about.

To sum it up

The BFFR abbreviation is most commonly used in texting and on social media platforms like TikTok, where it is employed to call out another person’s lies or nonsense, or to express frustration or disbelief in reaction to a situation or statement.

It is used to ask someone to get real about a specific topic, and it is appropriate when someone is being naive, stupid, or denying a well-known fact. People throw out a "BFFR" when chatting to nudge their friend to start getting honest with themselves about a specific topic.

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