APB meaning. What APB stands for?

Last updated: Dec 19, 2023

What is the meaning of APB?

APB has a wide variety of meanings across industries, most commonly relating to bulletins, alerts, baseline budgets or plans, personnel transport vehicles, and professional associations. The context it's used in is key to determining the precise definition. 

Academic & Science

APB - Anaerobic Plate Base (microbiology): Anaerobic Plate Base is a specialized medium used for cultivating anaerobic bacteria.  

APB - Apoplastic Barrier (plant biology): The Apoplastic Barrier is a cell wall structure in plants that controls molecular transport.

APB - Alveolar Process Bone (anatomy): The Alveolar Process Bone is the upper jawbone containing the tooth sockets. 


APB - All Points Bulletin (banking transaction fraud alert): An All Points Bulletin is a fraud alert regarding suspicious banking transactions.  

APB - Armored Personnel Brigade (Wells Fargo security division): The Armored Personnel Brigade is the Wells Fargo bank security division.

APB - Alliance Payment Brand (payment processor): Alliance Payment Brand is a payment processing service.

APB - Approved Payee List (Bank of America): The Approved Payee List contains vendors authorized for Bank of America payments. 


APB - Accounting Principles Bulletin: An Accounting Principles Bulletin establishes GAAP standards.

APB - Association Payroll Benefit (employee benefit consulting): Association Payroll Benefit consults on employee benefits packages.  

APB - Adverse Publicity Byline (public relations): An Adverse Publicity Byline attributes negative coverage to its source.

APB - Air Publication Bulletins (aviation): Air Publication Bulletins distribute updated aviation regulations.   

APB - Automated Periodic Benefit (human resources): The Automated Periodic Benefit automates employee reoccurring payments.

APB - Approved Parts Bulletins (quality assurance): Approved Parts Bulletins authorize particular components for production use.

APB - Annual Percentage Base (finance): The Annual Percentage Base serves as the reference interest rate for loans. 

APB - Approved Petty-cash Balance (accounting): The Approved Petty-cash Balance states the authorized petty cash amount.

APB - Automatic Parameter Binding (software development): Automatic Parameter Binding links variables to database fields.

APB - Audited Project Budget (project management): The Audited Project Budget reviews fiscal appropriations for accuracy.  

APB - Assembly Plan Book (manufacturing): The Assembly Plan Book outlines product construction sequences.

APB - Authorized Program Baseline (project management): The Authorized Program Baseline formally approves the project plan.  

APB - Allocated Phone Budget (telecommunications): The Allocated Phone Budget designates funds for phone services.

ABP - Automated Postal Barcode (delivery/logistics): The Automated Postal Barcode expedites mail sorting and routing. 


APB - Address Pattern Buffer (electronics): The Address Pattern Buffer temporarily stores data locations for retrieval. 


APB - All Ports Bulletin (maritime security): An All Points Bulletin alerts all ports regarding threats.

APB - Agency Procurement Bulletin (government purchasing): Agency Procurement Bulletins announce bidding opportunities. 

APB - Authorized Position Baseline (staffing authorization): The Authorized Position Baseline formally approves staffing levels.

APB - Agency Program Baseline (budget planning): The Agency Program Baseline outlines an organization's budgetary allowances. 


APB - Airborne Particle Counter (manufacturing cleanrooms): An Airborne Particle Counter measures air quality in sterile environments.  

APB - Automatic Pressure Balancing (HVAC systems): Automatic Pressure Balancing regulates airflow in ventilation systems. 

APB - Adjustable Pitch Blade (wind turbines): Adjustable Pitch Blades alter angle of attack to control power output.

APB - Association of Professional Bandsmen (music industry): The Association of Professional Bandsmen represents performing musicians.

APB - Airflow Pressure Balance (mine safety): The Airflow Pressure Balance equalizes underground tunnel air pressure.   

APB - Alkaline Peroxide Bleach (pulp & paper): Alkaline Peroxide Bleach whitens paper products during processing.  

APB - Association of Professional Bailiffs (legal services): The Association of Professional Bailiffs oversees courtroom order enforcement staff.  

APB - Anchor Point Bar (civil engineering): An Anchor Point Bar reinforced concrete against tensile forces. 

APB - Air Pilot's Briefing (general aviation): An Air Pilot's Briefing provides weather and flight information to pilots.

APB - Auxiliary Printer Buffer (electronics): An Auxiliary Printer Buffer stores data during high volume printing.

APB - Acid Proof Brick (construction materials): Acid Proof Bricks resist corrosion in chemical environments.

APB - Atmospheric Parameter Boundary (environmental engineering): Atmospheric Parameter Boundaries define acceptable pollutant levels.  

APB - Automated Production Batcher (food processing): An Automated Production Batcher proportions ingredients. 

APB - Approved Parts Breakdown (automotive manufacturing): An Approved Parts Breakdown formally authorizes components for vehicles. 

Internet & Slang

APB - All Points Bulletin (online gaming): An All Points Bulletin alerts all players to a threat.  

APB - A Pretty Big (deal): A Pretty Big deal indicates major significance.  


APB - All-ports bulletin (international law enforcement): An All-ports bulletin alerts all border crossings about a suspect.

APB - Actual Physical Control (DUI standard): Actual Physical Control determines driver impairment based on operation. 

APB - Alford Plea Bargain (criminal justice): An Alford Plea Bargain allows pleading guilty while asserting innocence. 


APB - Associated Press Bulletin: An Associated Press Bulletin distributes urgent news updates.   

APB - Approved Program Budget (media planning): The Approved Program Budget authorizes advertising expenses.  

APB - Acknowledgement of Public Broadcast (licensing): An Acknowledgement of Public Broadcast verifies content dissemination compliance.   


APD - Auditory Processing Disorder: An Auditory Processing Disorder impairs interpretation of sound input.  

APB - Anatomic Pathology Board (certification): The Anatomic Pathology Board certifies expertise in disease diagnosis.

APB - Alveolar Periosteal Bone (oral pathology): Alveolar Periosteal Bone lines the tooth sockets.   

APB - Anterior Polar Body (reproductive biology): The Anterior Polar Body is a cellular byproduct of oocyte meiosis.  

APB - Adult Primary Brain (tumor type): An Adult Primary Brain tumor originates in the brain tissue.

APB - Acute Pain Behavior (psychology): Acute Pain Behavior analyzes outward pain manifestations.   

APB - Average Probe Background (genomics): Average Probe Background measures ambient signal levels in microarrays.  

APB - Ambulatory Practice Benchmark (medical economics): Ambulatory Practice Benchmarks establish outpatient care cost standards.   

APB - Auburn Pharmaceutical Bottling (drug packaging): Auburn Pharmaceutical Bottling packages medication doses. 


APB - Armored Personnel Brigade (military police): The Armored Personnel Brigade transports and guards detainees.  

APB - Armored Personnel Battalion (mechanized infantry): An Armored Personnel Battalion moves soldiers into battle.

APB - Armored Personnel Boat (military assault craft): An Armored Personnel Boat protects troops during maritime landings.  

APB - Ammunition Peculiar Battle (munitions planning): Ammunition Peculiar Battle rations ordinance for specific operations.

APB - Auxiliary Propulsion Branch (naval engineering): The Auxiliary Propulsion Branch oversees supplementary ship engines.

APB - Armed Port Boat (maritime security force): Armed Port Boats defend harbors against threats.   


APB - American Postal Workers Union: The American Postal Workers Union represents USPS employees.   


APB - Association of Professional Bowlers (bowling): The Association of Professional Bowlers governs competitive bowling events.

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