Enhance - Meaning, Synonyms, Related Keywords

Last updated: Mar 14, 2023


Meanings of the Word Enhance:

1. To make something better, more attractive, or more valuable.

2. To improve or increase in value, quality, desirability, or attractiveness.

Sentences Where Word "Enhance" Is Used:

1. We will enhance the customer experience with our new app.

2. His efforts to enhance the value of the company were commendable.

3. This new software will enhance our efficiency.

4. Enhancing security measures is a priority.

5. She enhanced her look with a new haircut.

6. He wants to enhance his skillset.

7. The team worked together to enhance the presentation.

8. We used photography to enhance the story.

9. Enhancing the team's collaboration is key.

10. Her mentor helped her to enhance her career goals.

Related Keywords to "Enhance":

1. Upgrade

2. Amplify

3. Raise

4. Upgrade

5. Boost

6. Maximize

7. Augment

8. Refine

9. Magnify

10. Improve

11. Intensify

12. Develop

13. Sweeten

14. Upgrade

15. Expand

16. Amplify

17. Perfect

18. Promote

19. Enrich

20. Elevate

21. Revitalize

22. Reinforce

23. Fortify

24. Cultivate

25. Deepen

Synonyms of the Word "Enhance"

1. Make better

2. Improve

3. Take up a notch

4. Elevate

5. Increase the quality

6. Magnify

7. Intensify

8. Develop

9. Refine

10. Boost

11. Sweeten

12. Expand

13. Perfect

14. Promote

15. Enrich

16. Revitalize

17. Reinforce

18. Fortify

19. Cultivate

20. Deepen

21. Upgrade

22. Raise

23. Amplify

24. Maximize

25. Augment

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