Emerging - Meaning, Synonyms, Related Keywords

Last updated: Mar 14, 2023


Meanings of the Word Emerging:

1. Appearing or coming into view.

2. Becoming known or prominent.

3. Coming into full development or existence.

4. In a process of coming into being.

Sentences Where Word "Emerging" Is Used:

1. Emerging technology is transforming how businesses operate.

2. An emerging trend in fashion is the growing popularity of vintage-inspired pieces.

3. Emerging markets are becoming increasingly attractive investments.

4. We are in an era of emerging digital identities.

5. A new emerging artist is making waves in the music scene.

6. An emerging environmental crisis needs urgent attention.

7. Emerging technologies are providing new solutions to old problems.

8. Emerging leaders are inspiring new generations.

9. Emerging markets provide opportunities for growth.

10. New emerging research is advancing our understanding of the world.

Related Keywords to "Emerging":

1. Emerging Trends

2. Emerging Technologies

3. Emerging Markets

4. Emerging Industries

5. Emerging Issues

6. Emerging Artist

7. Emerging Nations

8. Emerging Economies

9. Emerging Opportunities

10. Emerging Technologies

11. Emerging Technologies

12. Emerging Research

13. Emerging Leaders

14. Emerging Challenges

15. Emerging Solutions

16. Emerging Technologies

17. Emerging Digital Identities

18. Emerging Global Market

19. Emerging Social Media

20. Emerging Growth

21. Emerging Demographics

22. Emerging Ideas

23. Emerging Art

24. Emerging Market Opportunities

25. Emerging Technologies Disruption

Synonyms of the Word "Emerging"

1. Appearing

2. Developing

3. Growing

4. Adventing

5. Blooming 

6. Evolving

7. Flourishing

8. Transforming

9. Taking Shape

10. Unfolding

11. Advancing

12. Springing Up

13. Advancing

14. Stretching

15. Rising

16. Migrating

17. Glinting

18. Blossoming

19. Brewing

20. Lifting

21. Gliding

22. Spreading

23. Swelling

24. Uncovering

25. Climbing

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