Editor - Meaning, Synonyms, Related Keywords

Last updated: Mar 14, 2023


Meanings of the Word Editor:

1. A person who is responsible for checking and revising written material before it is published.

2. A person who organizes and selects material for publication in a newspaper, magazine, etc.

3. A person who edits a movie or television program.

4. A piece of computer software used for writing or editing text.

Sentences Where Word "Editor" Is Used:

1. The editor carefully proofread the article before publication.

2. The editor chose the most interesting story to feature in the magazine.

3. The editor edited the film to make it suitable for a wider audience.

4. The editor used a text editor to write a script for her play.

5. The editor meticulously checked every detail in the book.

6. The editor took out several scenes that didn't fit the story.

7. The editor wrote the introduction to the catalogue.

8. The editor ensured the article was factually accurate.

9. The editor made changes to the website to make it easier to read.

10. The editor adjusted the colors in the photos to create the perfect palette.

Related Keywords to "Editor":

1. Publisher

2. Publishing

3. Revise

4. Proofread

5. Organize

6. Select

7. Editing

8. Text Editor

9. Rewrite

10. Format

11. Modify

12. Correct

13. Revising

14. Checking

15. Cutting

16. Professional Editing

17. Copyediting

18. Copy Editor

19. Writing

20. Markup

21. Script

22. Manuscript

23. Compose

24. Publish

25. Novelist

Synonyms of the Word "Editor"

1. Revisionist

2. Curator

3. Censor

4. Moderator

5. Reviser

6. Proofer

7. Quality Control

8. Screener

9. Improver

10. Polisher

11. Rewriter

12. Type-Setter

13. Manipulator

14. Composer

15. Editor-in-Chief

16. Title Inspector

17. Paragrapher

18. Occasional Writer

19. Reader

20. Copyholder

21. Amender

22. Refiner

23. Artisan

24. Redactor

25. Sub-Editor

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