Edge - Meaning, Synonyms, Related Keywords

Last updated: Mar 14, 2023


Meanings of the Word Edge:

1. A line or border at which a surface terminates.

2. A defined area or part of something distinct from the rest.

3. The point or advantage at which a competitor has an advantage over their rivals.

4. A slight advantage or superiority.

5. The outside edge or border of something, particularly a metal object.

6. The degree of sharpness of a cutting instrument.

7. A menacing or intimidating manner or quality.

Sentences Where Word "Edge" Is Used:

1. She had the edge in the competition.

2. She ran to the edge of the cliff.

3. The knife had a sharp edge.

4. The edge of the blade was dulled from use.

5. He had an edge to his voice that gave her chills.

6. She could feel the edge of the countertop pressing against her back.

7. He pushed himself to the edge of his limits.

8. She teased him to get the edge off her nerves.

9. He sharpened the edge of the blade.

10. She was on the edge of her seat with anticipation.

Related Keywords to "Edge":

1. Boundary

2. Limit

3. Brink

4. Apex

5. Perimeter

6. Apex

7. Rim

8. Verge

9. Outskirts

10. Frontier

11. Facet

12. Periphery

13. Margin

14. Extremity

15. Finishing line

16. Edge of existence

17. Acuteness

18. Lead

19. Forefront

20. Superficiality

21. Nip

22. Keenness

23. Slice

24. Tip

25. Threshold

Synonyms of the Word "Edge"

1. Border

2. Margin

3. Limit

4. Perimeter

5. Verge

6. Bound

7. Fringe

8. Rim

9. Brim

10. Terminus

11. Outskirts

12. Extremity

13. Outset

14. Limitlessness

15. Facet

16. Corner

17. Periphery

18. Side

19. Precipice

20. Precise

21. Razor-sharp

22. Keen

23. Acute

24. Attention-grabbing

25. Striking

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