Default - Meaning, Synonyms, Related Keywords

Last updated: Mar 14, 2023


Meanings of the Word Default:

1. The preselected option that is automatically selected for a function or procedure. 

2. To fail to fulfill an obligation, such as a loan repayment, or to fail to appear in court. 

3. To abandon a course of action or decision. 

Sentences Where Word "Default" Is Used:

1. If you don't choose a different option, the default setting will be applied. 

2. The company was unable to make its loan payments, so they were in default. 

3. He defaulted on his mortgage and now cannot get a loan. 

4. The software will default to English if you don't specify a different language. 

5. She defaulted on her promise to attend the meeting. 

6. The system will default to the last saved setting. 

7. His default answer was always “no”. 

8. When push comes to shove, he always defaults to his old habits. 

9. We had to default on our agreement because the circumstances changed. 

10. The computer won't boot up unless you select a different default. 

Related Keywords to "Default":

1. Preselected 

2. Automatically Selected 

3. Fulfill Obligation 

4. Loan Repayment 

5. Appear in Court 

6. Abandon Course of Action 

7. Specify Language 

8. Last Saved Setting 

9. Default Answer 

10. Old Habits 

11. Failed to Meet 

12. Preselected Option 

13. Default Setting 

14. Financial Consequence 

15. Breach Contract 

16. Miss Deadline 

17. Violation of Agreement 

18. Neglect Payment 

19. Penalty Fee 

20. Nonpayment Penalty 

21. Selection Criteria 

22. Consequence of Nonpayment 

23. Default Option 

24. Repercussions of Defaulting 

25. Financial Repercussions 

Synonyms of the Word "Default"

1. Pre-set 

2. Automatic 

3. Comply 

4. Repay 

5. Attend 

6. Shirk 

7. Determine 

8. Remembered 

9. Default Answer 

10. Recur 

11. Failed to Meet 

12. Pre-chosen 

13. Defaults 

14. Implications 

15. Breach 

16. Forego 

17. Specify 

18. Default Option 

19. Outcome of Nonpayment 

20. Non-payment Penalty 

21. Selection 

22. The Consequences of Not Paying 

23. Financial Effects 

24. Repercussions 

25. Financial Consequences

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