Conflict - Meaning, Synonyms, Related Keywords

Last updated: Mar 14, 2023


Meanings of the Word Conflict:

1. A clash or disagreement between two or more people, groups, or ideas

2. A struggle between opposing forces or ideas

3. A psychological struggle within oneself

4. A state or situation of hostility, competition, or opposition

Sentences Where Word "Conflict" Is Used:

1. The conflict between the two countries escalated quickly.

2. She faced a conflict between her career and family life.

3. The red and blue teams were in conflict over the rules.

4. He experienced an internal conflict about his future.

5. The battle between them was more than just a conflict.

6. His opinion was in direct conflict with mine.

7. The conflict of interest raised some red flags.

8. The conflict between siblings was as old as time.

9. His conflicting emotions caused him to hesitate.

10. The conflict between free speech and censorship is ongoing.

Related Keywords to "Conflict":

1. Clashes

2. Disputes

3. Contests

4. Competition

5. Discrepancies 

6. Discord

7. Struggles

8. Strife

9. Dispersion

10. Antagonism

11. Contradiction

12. Differences

13. Tensions

14. Animosity

15. Battles 

16. Hostilities

17. Friction

18. Disagreement

19. Collision

20. Variance

21. Rivalry

22. Quarrels

23. Dissension

24. Clash of interests

25. Warring factions

Synonyms of the Word "Conflict"

1. Spat

2. Face-off

3. Skirmish

4. Altercation

5. Squabble

6. Tiff

7. Conflict of ideas

8. Battle of wills

9. Disagreement

10. Contention

11. Scrap

12. Dispute

13. Deadlock

14. Standoff

15. Run-in

16. Brawl

17. Difference of opinion

18. Feud

19. Impasse

20. Argument

21. Stalemate

22. Cross-purposes

23. Kerfuffle

24. Misunderstanding

25. Misgivings

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