Chest - Meaning, Synonyms, Related Keywords

Last updated: Mar 14, 2023


Meanings of the word Chest:

1. A box, usually made of wood or metal, with a lid and used for storage

2. The front part of the body from the neck to the abdomen

3. A flat-topped receptacle for holding liquids

4. A container for storing ammunition

5. An upright case for displaying medals, awards, etc

6. A structure on the deck of a ship used to store cargo

7. A strongbox for storing valuables 

Sentences where Word "Chest" is Used:

1. He opened his chest to retrieve a hidden treasure.

2. His broad chest heaved as he breathed heavily.

3. She opened the chest to reveal her family's mementos.

4. He ran his hands over the chest of drawers.

5. She proudly displayed her medals on the chest.

6. The captain opened the chest to count the treasure.

7. The chest of drawers was filled with books.

8. The pirate's chest was filled with gold coins.

9. She opened the chest to find a diamond necklace.

10. He opened the chest to reveal a secret passage. 

Related Keywords to "Chest":

1. Trunk

2. Cabinet

3. Drawer

4. Wardrobe

5. Box

6. Locker

7. Coffer

8. Crate

9. Hope Chest

10. Armoire 

Synonyms of the Word "Chest"

1. Box

2. Trunk

3. Closet

4. Caddy

5. Coffer

6. Cabinet

7. Chest of Drawers

8. Wardrobe

9. Cupboard

10. Lockbox  

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