Campaign - Meaning, Synonyms, Related Keywords

Last updated: Mar 14, 2023


Meanings of the Word Campaign:

1. A series of organized activities to achieve a particular purpose or goal.

2. An effort or series of efforts intended to gain political or social change.

3. A series of military operations against an enemy.

4. A period of intense effort or activity to meet a particular goal.

Sentences Where Word "Campaign" Is Used:

1. Our campaign for world peace is far from over.

2. She waged a campaign to reach her fundraising goal.

3. We launched a campaign to raise awareness about the issue.

4. The campaign was a success due to the dedicated volunteers.

5. The company launched a marketing campaign to increase sales.

6. The campaign was intense and lasted for several weeks.

7. The political campaign was full of drama and surprises.

8. The activists launched a campaign to protest the law.

9. The military campaign was a lengthy and costly battle.

10. The campaign to bring water to the village was a success.

Related Keywords to "Campaign":

1. Drive

2. Initiative

3. Crusade

4. Push

5. Movement

6. Struggle

7. War

8. Offensive

9. Driveway

10. Contest

11. Expedition

12. Endeavor

13. Assault

14. Operation

15. Campaigning

16. Maneuver

17. Promotional

18. Offensive

19. Efforts

20. Project

21. Crusade

22. Engagement

23. Action

24. Effort

25. Pursuit

Synonyms of the Word "Campaign"

1. Pursuit

2. Push

3. Journey

4. March

5. Mission

6. Quest

7. Venture

8. Struggle

9. Expedition

10. Initiative

11. Crusade

12. Chase

13. Effort

14. Run

15. Expedition

16. Push

17. Action

18. Operation

19. Adventure

20. Project

21. Rally

22. Initiative

23. Endeavor

24. Maneuver

25. Offensive

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