Bumper - Meaning, Synonyms, Related Keywords

Last updated: Mar 14, 2023


Meanings of the Word Bumper:

1. A metal bar or frame at the front or back of a motor vehicle, designed to reduce damage in a collision. 

2. An inflatable air-filled cushion used to protect people and objects from impact.

3. Something that increases the amount or size of something else.

Sentences Where Word "Bumper" Is Used:

1. We need to make sure that the bumper on the car is in working order.

2. The bumper of the truck was crunched after the accident.

3. She used the bumper to protect her child from harm.

4. Our bumper crop this year has been a great success.

5. The bumper was the only thing that kept us from getting hurt.

6. The bumper to bumper traffic was making everyone late.

7. She filled the bumper with air to use as a cushion.

8. He backed his car into the bumper of the other car.

9. The bumper protects the car from major damage.

10. The bumper on the car was completely smashed.

Related Keywords to "Bumper":

1. Crumple Zone

2. Auto Collision

3. Vehicle Protection

4. Car Bumper

5. Rubber Bumper

6. Front End

7. Rear End

8. Shock Absorber

9. Vehicle Safety

10. Automobile Part

11. Impact Resistance

12. Impact Protection

13. Reinforced Steel

14. Steel Frame

15. Impact Buffer

16. Crash Guard

17. Rubber Fender

18. Crash Test

19. Front Guard

20. Rear Guard

21. Metal Guard

22. Reinforcement

23. Firewall

24. Airbag

25. Absorption System

Synonyms of the Word "Bumper"

1. Bumper Bar

2. Guard Bar

3. Fender

4. Impact Shield

5. Collision Guard

6. Protection Layer

7. Barrier

8. Shield

9. Crash Protection

10. Padding

11. Crash Barrier

12. Guardrail

13. Buffer

14. Impact Absorber

15. Guarding

16. Defensive Layer

17. Deflector

18. Cushioning

19. Guarding System

20. Damage Protector

21. Safety Net

22. Bumper Pad

23. Defensive Shield

24. Collision Avoidance

25. Shielding Device

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