Behavior - Meaning, Synonyms, Related Keywords

Last updated: Mar 14, 2023


Meanings of the Word Behavior:

1. A person’s actions or reactions in response to a particular situation or stimulus.

2. The manner of conducting oneself.

3. The way in which someone or something behaves.

4. The way in which a machine or system operates.

5. The response of an individual or group to specific stimuli.

Sentences Where Word "Behavior" Is Used:

1. His behavior was unacceptable and he was reprimanded accordingly.

2. We need to encourage positive behavior in our children.

3. Bad behavior will not be tolerated in this classroom.

4. Her behavior was exemplary and she was rewarded for it.

5. His behavior changed drastically after the incident.

6. The behavior of the animal was strange and unpredictable.

7. His behavior was out of line and he was asked to leave.

8. She was praised for her good behavior.

9. Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated.

10. The machine's behavior was strange and unexpected.

Related Keywords to "Behavior":

1. Actions

2. Manner

3. Conduct

4. Reaction

5. Response

6. Stimulus

7. Stimuli

8. Habits

9. Circumstances

10. Characteristics

11. Norms

12. Patterns

13. Actions

14. Tendencies

15. Attitude

16. Habitual

17. Customs

18. Practices

19. Habits

20. Interaction

21. Manners

22. Repertoire

23. Strategies

24. Temperament

25. Traits

Synonyms of the Word "Behavior"

1. Activity

2. Habits

3. Practices

4. Manners

5. Conduct

6. Actions

7. Reactions

8. Characteristics

9. Attitude

10. Tendencies

11. Temperament

12. Interaction

13. Norms

14. Response

15. Strategies

16. Manner

17. Repertoire

18. Traits

19. Behavior

20. Demeanor

21. Habitual

22. Customs

23. Habits

24. Circumstances

25. Patterns

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