Argument - Meaning, Synonyms, Related Keywords

Last updated: Mar 14, 2023


Meanings of the Word Argument:

1. A verbal dispute 

2. A statement or reason put forward in support of an idea, action, or theory 

3. A series of statements made to persuade someone of something 

4. A set of mathematical statements that show the logical relationship between two or more propositions 

5. A quarrel or disagreement

Sentences Where Word "Argument" Is Used:

1. We had an argument about what movie to watch. 

2. The argument for lower taxes makes sense. 

3. The lawyer presented a solid argument in court. 

4. His argument wasn't convincing. 

5. I made an argument that he should stay. 

6. We had a heated argument over the issue. 

7. He used logic and reason to make his argument. 

8. They lost the argument, but not the war. 

9. She presented a compelling argument. 

10. His argument was full of holes.

Related Keywords to "Argument":

1. Contention 

2. Dialogue 

3. Dispute 

4. Debate 

5. Discussion 

6. Difference 

7. Conflict 

8. Reasoning 

9. Conviction 

10. Disagreement 

11. Quarrel 

12. Proposal 

13. Assertion 

14. Idea 

15. Theory 

16. Evidence 

17. Statement 

18. Logic 

19. Proof 

20. Persuasion 

21. Quotation 

22. Counterargument 

23. Rebuttal 

24. Refutation 

25. Criticism 

Synonyms of the Word "Argument"

1. Disagreement 

2. Conversation 

3. Dialogue 

4. Exchange 

5. Discussion 

6. Quarrel 

7. Altercation 

8. Dispute 

9. Debate 

10. Back-and-forth 

11. Spat 

12. Tussle 

13. Argumentation 

14. Contention 

15. Disputation 

16. Squabble 

17. Bickering 

18. Reasoning 

19. Assertion 

20. Diatribe 

21. Tilt 

22. Proposition 

23. Exposition 

24. Postulate 

25. Pleading

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