Appointment - Meaning, Synonyms, Related Keywords

Last updated: Mar 14, 2023


Meanings of the Word Appointment:

1. A meeting, often of two people, at a fixed time and place.

2. An engagement or a promise to do something at a specified time.

3. The act of appointing or being appointed to a job, position, office, etc.

4. A selection or decision made by someone in authority.

5. The act of giving or receiving a particular treatment.

Sentences Where Word "Appointment" Is Used:

1. I have an appointment to meet with my boss this afternoon.

2. I made an appointment to get a physical exam next week.

3. I have been appointed to the board of directors.

4. The president made his appointment of the new Secretary of State.

5. The doctor's appointment was a success.

6. I have an appointment to have my car serviced tomorrow morning.

7. My appointment with my accountant is right after lunch.

8. The queen appointed him to the highest office in the land.

9. I have an appointment with the dentist today.

10. I am keeping my appointment with my lawyer this afternoon.

Related Keywords to "Appointment":

1. Meeting

2. Engagement

3. Promise

4. Job

5. Position

6. Office

7. Selection

8. Decision

9. Authority

10. Treatment

11. Scheduled

12. Assigned

13. Responsibilities

14. Date

15. Time

16. Place

17. Arrangement

18. Obligation

19. Commitment

20. Deadline

21. Contract

22. Designation

23. Goal

24. Prearranged

25. Appointment time

Synonyms of the Word "Appointment"

1. Rendezvous

2. Engagement

3. Tryst

4. Get-together

5. Date

6. Gathering

7. Meeting

8. Hook-up

9. Reunion

10. Conclave

11. Encounter

12. Encounter

13. Colloquy

14. Summit

15. Association

16. Conversation

17. Discourse

18. Liaison

19. Coition

20. Colloquy

21. Dialogue

22. Exchange

23. Interview

24. Pact

25. Succor

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