Acquisition - Meaning, Synonyms, Related Keywords

Last updated: Mar 14, 2023


Meanings of the Word Acquisition:

1. The act of acquiring or gaining possession of something.

2. A purchase or gain of something, such as a company or property.

3. The process of learning and understanding a skill or body of knowledge.

4. The act of gaining control or ownership of a company or asset.

5. The process of gaining knowledge or skills.

Sentences Where Word "Acquisition" Is Used:

1. We are excited to announce the acquisition of our newest office building!

2. The acquisition of new skills is essential for success in this industry.

3. Our company is proud to have completed the acquisition of a new software platform.

4. The acquisition of this valuable asset will take our business to the next level.

5. We are pleased to announce the acquisition of a new manufacturing facility.

6. Our team has successfully completed the acquisition of a new technology.

7. Our acquisition of this property will significantly increase our presence in the region.

8. We are delighted to announce the acquisition of a new enterprise resource planning system.

9. Our company has concluded the acquisition of a new business unit.

10. We are thrilled to share the news of our acquisition of a new customer service provider.

Related Keywords to "Acquisition":

1. Acquisition Process

2. Merger

3. Transaction

4. Takeover

5. Negotiation

6. Asset Purchase

7. Acquisition Agreement

8. Buying

9. Obtaining

10. Investment

11. Stock Purchase

12. Asset Holding

13. Gaining

14. Obtainment

15. Securement

16. Procurement

17. Acquisition Cost

18. Deal Making

19. Merger Agreement

20. Acquisition Strategy

21. Purchasing

22. Asset Management

23. Ownership Transfer

24. Corporate Takeover

25. Investing

Synonyms of the Word "Acquisition"

1. Get

2. Gather

3. Obtain

4. Seize

5. Receive

6. Secure

7. Achieve

8. Earn

9. Garner

10. Pick Up

11. Possess

12. Procure

13. Reap

14. Snag

15. Take

16. Catch

17. Collect

18. Attain

19. Score

20. Gainsay

21. Grasp

22. Come By

23. Win

24. Synchronize

25. Lock In

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