Academy - Meaning, Synonyms, Related Keywords

Last updated: Mar 14, 2023


Meanings of the Word Academy:

1. A secondary or tertiary educational institution, typically offering courses leading to a qualification.

2. An organization which awards prizes, honours, or titles for achievement in a particular art, science, or sport.

3. A place where people meet to discuss and learn about a particular subject.

4. A body of experts in a particular field.

Sentences Where Word "Academy" Is Used:

1. Our university offers a range of courses for those interested in joining our academy.

2. He was awarded a prestigious prize from the academy for his excellence in music.

3. We’ll be gathering at the academy this afternoon to engage in an informative discussion.

4. Our business academy is comprised of the most knowledgeable professionals in the field.

5. She was accepted into the academy of her dreams.

6. The theatre academy is the perfect place to hone in on your skills.

7. Our academy is unrivalled in terms of its academic excellence.

8. His painting was recognised by the academy and hung up in a gallery.

9. We’re thrilled to have joined the academy and learn from the best.

10. The academy houses some of the most talented individuals in the world.

Related Keywords to "Academy":

1. Educational institution

2. School

3. Learning center

4. Institution

5. Organisation

6. College

7. Training facility

8. Honours

9. Grades

10. Awards

11. Scholarships

12. Certificates

13. Classes

14. Research

15. Knowledge

16. Degree

17. Diplomas

18. Awards

19. Meetings

20. Tutoring

21. Mentorship

22. Programs

23. Endorsements

24. Lectures

25. Syllabus

Synonyms of the Word "Academy"

1. Institute

2. Schoolhouse

3. Institute of learning

4. Institute of higher learning

5. Place of learning

6. Place of study

7. Center for education

8. Center for learning

9. Educational facility

10. Hall of learning

11. Study center

12. Learning hub

13. Training ground

14. Knowledge center

15. Knowledge hub

16. Knowledge base

17. Brain trust

18. Brain bank

19. Honor roll

20. Honorarium

21. Prize-giving body

22. Prize organisation

23. Reward system

24. Ceremonial organisation

25. Ceremony holder 

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