What ROM stands for?

Last updated: Jan 5, 2024

What ROM stands for?

Read-Only Memory: In the context of computer science, ROM refers to memory whose contents can be accessed and read but cannot be changed.

Rome: In the context of Amtrak station codes, ROM is the station code for Rome, NY.

Romania: ROM can also stand for Romania.

Romans: ROM can refer to the book of Romans in the Bible. The biblical Book of Romans was a letter written by Paul to Christians living in Rome.

Range Of Motion: In medicine, ROM or Range of Motion refers to the extent a joint can move before pain or stiffness sets in.

Runes of Magic: In the context of gaming, ROM can refer to the game “Runes of Magic”. It is a popular fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Royal Ontario Museum: Royal Ontario Museum, a museum of art, world culture & natural history is located in Toronto, Canada.

Ring Opening Metathesis:  In chemistry, ROM or Ring Opening Metathesis is a type of organic reaction involving ring-shaped hydrocarbon compounds.

Rough Order of Magnitude: In the context of cost estimates, ROM stands for Rough Order of Magnitude. In project cost estimation, a ROM estimate gives a ballpark idea of expected expenses.

Read-Only Message: In computing, a Read-Only Message or ROM refers to a message that can be read but not edited.

Reasonable Order of Magnitude: In the context of cost estimates, ROM can stand for Reasonable Order of Magnitude.

Right Otitis Media: In the medical field, ROM stands for Right Otitis Media, which is an infection of the eardrum.

Retail Operation Management: In the business context, ROM can refer to Retail Operation Management.

Run-Of-Month: In finance, ROM stands for Run-Of-Month.

Rivers of Mud: In a gaming guild context, ROM can refer to Rivers of Mud.

Risk of Mortality: In the medical field, ROM stands for Risk of Mortality.

Run of Mine: In mining, ROM can stand for Run of Mine.

Return of the Member: In the context of credit union evaluation, ROM refers to Return of the Member.

ROM BIOS: In computing, ROM can stand for ROM Basic Input/Output System.

ROM BIOS Swapping: In computing, ROM can also refer to ROM Basic Input/Output System Swapping.