What does LMK stand for in texting?

Last updated: Jan 31, 2024

The acronym “LMK” stands for “let me know.” It is commonly used in text messaging and online communication to request information or updates from the recipient.

The term is used when someone wants to ask something and be told someone’s answer or decision. It can also be used in a modified form as “lyk,” which means “let you know,” to indicate that the person will give a final response at a later time.

For instance, if someone is trying to coordinate plans and availability, they may message:

"I should be free after 5 on Friday. LMK if that works for you and we can meet up."

Here, "LMK" translates to asking the recipient to share if the proposed time is suitable on their end. It signals that the person who wrote LMK is awaiting more details to finalize logistics.

Similarly, LMK may be tacked on to messages like:

"I'm stopping by the store later. LMK if you need anything"


"Haven't heard back from Steve yet. LMK if he confirms with you."

In both cases, the intent is for the other party to provide additional information that's pending. LMK denotes the need for confirmation or a status update.

Unlike formal writing, conversational shorthand like LMK gets the point across without extra words clogging up the exchange. It keeps communication smooth amid hectic digital multitasking.

So next time you see LMK pop up in a text or chat, you can interpret it as a straightfoward request for the other person to fill in details, clarify logistics or provide updates by letting them know additional details. A simple yet versatile digital phrase to convey needing more information.