What does BMS mean in texting?

Last updated: Feb 4, 2024

The slang abbreviation "BMS" stands for "Broke My Scale" and is used to indicate when something is extremely good, usually referencing attractiveness or sex appeal. Here's a breakdown of how this slang term is used in texting and online communication:

Meaning of BMS

When someone is described as "BMS", it means they are so sexually appealing that it's off the attractiveness scale. For example:

"Omg, Chris Evans is BMS in that tight shirt!"

So BMS is used to say someone's hotness level exceeds one's normal standards for rating attractiveness.

Origins and Context

This slang arose from the common idea of rating appearances on a numeric scale like 1-10. So if something "breaks the scale", it surpasses one's own 10/10 rating for the hottest someone can be.

People often use BMS lightheartedly & humorously to hype up someone they find very good-looking or sexually arousing in a given photo/video clip. For example:

"Bradley Cooper in that pool scene = BMS!"

So context is frequently pop culture content, celebrity imagery or memes, though it can describe real people too.

Examples of Using BMS

Here are some examples of using "BMS" in text messages, social media, or online comments:

"Your dress from last night had you looking BMS, girl!"

"The Rock working out with chains has me screaming BMS."

"Brie Larson can step on me please...BMS in this photoshoot."

So in casual digital lingo, saying someone's BMS expresses extreme admiration of their beauty, body, or sexiness in imagery that breaks one's personal scale. 

Other meanings of BMS

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