Awh Meaning in Texting

Last updated: Feb 4, 2024

What Does "Awh" Mean in Texting or Online Slang?

"Awh" is a common slang interjection used to express sympathy, sadness, endearment, or cuteness, often when responding to someone else's misfortune or sweet gesture or photo. It can signal emotional support and caring. 

Origin and Meaning

"Awh" is a phonetic spelling of the sound someone makes when responding with a sympathetic awe. It's an onomatopoeia - a word that phonetically imitates a sound - for the cooing "aww" noise people vocally express when something triggers a tender, poignant feeling. 

This tender feeling is the root meaning of "awh." It expresses a surge of affection, appreciation, admiration, or sympathy. 

Variations of "AWH"

There are a few common variations: 

  • "Aww" - The most common spelling. The repetition of "w" elongates the tender feeling.
  • "Awhhh" - Extra letters extend the feeling. -"Aw" - A shorter version.

Sometimes "awh" is combined with other sympathetic slang, like "awh, sweetie" or "awh, no!" 

When Is "Awh" Used?

There are a few main situations where "awh" emerges in digital conversations: 

Expressing Sympathy for Misfortunes

If someone shares an annoying situation, sad story, or minor setback, "awh" shows you feel for their hardship: 

"My flight got cancelled 3 times." "Awh no, that sucks!" 

Responding to Cute Content

When someone posts a precious photo, like of a baby or puppy, "awh" conveys that heartwarming feeling their cuteness gives you. 

Commenting Admiration

If someone accomplishes something difficult, like running a marathon, "awh" can express awe and props for their admirable feat. 


Some people use "awh" flirtatiously when someone pays them a sweet compliment to signal appreciation and reciprocal affection.