How to Upscale an AI Image? Compare Best AI Images Upscalers

Last updated: May 22, 2023

AI image upscaling is the process of improving the quality of low-resolution images by using AI technology.

There are several software and platforms available for this purpose. Here we review different upscaling platforms like Image Larger, Gigapixel, and Photoshop, discussing their features and benefits.

The upscaling tools can save time and help improve the quality of images for print or digital media. 

From preserving details in Photoshop to comparing the effectiveness of different AI algorithms, these videos offer great tips and tricks to help you achieve the best results for your images. 

How to upscale AI Artwork

In this video, the presenter demonstrates different ways to upscale AI artwork to improve its quality and make it print-worthy.

The presenter uses an AI art generator to create an image and then upscales it using various methods.

One method involves using Photoshop and enabling the Preserve details 2.0 upscale feature to increase the image's size and reduce noise.

Another alternative method is to use a free website that allows users to drag and drop their files and upscale them according to their preference.

The presenter compares the original blurry artwork with the Photoshop and website upscaled versions and concludes that the website does a better job of improving the quality of the image.

The video ends with a recommendation for a tool that can help create AI artwork in 4K resolution.

7 AI Image Upscalers Compared

The video compares and ranks the top 7 image upscaling platforms available in the market by processing a low-resolution portrait using each of them.

The platforms employ technology to fill the missing pixels in an image and vary from simple to complex approaches. The video highlights the pros and cons of each platform and personal preferences may differ.

The ranking of the platforms changes as per the processed results. Image larger emerges as the best image upscaling platform followed by Let's Enhance, Deep Image AI, and Big JPEG. The video also suggests that the pricing varies among the platforms and may impact the quality of the results.

Image Larger: Provides a free account with eight free images, but there is extra color added to the images. The file size remains small.

  • Gigapixel AI: Offers good detail preservation, emphasizes colors, and sharpens edges. It requires a one-time payment of $100 after the free uses are exhausted.
  • Big JPEG: Smooths edges and removes artifacts, but loses some detail. It provides 20 free images per month and offers a cheap plan starting at $6 for 500 images.
  • Photoshop: The upscaling results are not impressive compared to other tools. It is not specialized in upscaling, but if you already have Photoshop, it can be a valid option.
  • Nightmare AI: Offers good edge and noise reduction, particularly in the fur. It used to be free but now has a pay-per-use pricing model, which can be cost-effective for a few images.

Photoshop vs. Nightmare AI: Nightmare AI performs better than Photoshop in terms of noise reduction and realistic fur representation.

File Size: Nightmare AI produces larger file sizes, which can be a downside for download and upload times. 

Based on the comparison, Gigapixel and Nightmare AI stand out as effective upscaling tools, each with their own strengths. Gigapixel offers excellent detail preservation, while Nightmare AI excels in noise reduction and fur representation. Consider the pricing models and file size implications when choosing an upscaler tool.

Upscale AI images free with Nightmare AI

In this video, the presenter demonstrates how to enlarge low-resolution images for free using Nightmare AI's image generator.

The presenter starts by showing some mid-journey AI-generated images and explains how to enlarge them using the upscale button.

However, the resulting resolution is not suitable for printing. To enhance the resolution, the presenter recommends visiting nightmare's website and uploading the low-resolution image. The generator will produce an upscaled image up to 10 times the original size, which can then be printed without any degradation in quality.

The presenter then shows how to check the resulting image size in image size settings and create an A2 sized image that can be sold on print-on-demand sites. The presenter also offers a printable guide to follow along.

Link to Nightmare AI -

Free image upscaler

The video showcases a free online tool called that allows users to upscale their AI images for free without any limitations on the number of images.

The only restriction is that the input size cannot be larger than 1500 pixels, and images can only be upscaled by four times.

The tool also offers an option to enhance the quality of the upscaled images.

The video demonstrates the effectiveness of the tool by comparing the results of with other paid tools. The website also offers a paid plan for bulk upscaling, but even the free version of the tool can save users a lot of time.

  • The website allows users to upscale AI images for free.
  • There is no limitation on the number of images that can be upscaled.
  • The input size should not exceed 1500 by 1500 pixels.
  • Images can only be upscaled by four times (400 percent larger).
  • Turning on enhanced quality results in smoother images with fewer artifacts.
  • The website provides the option to download the upscaled images.
  • There is a bulk upscaling option available, which can save time for upscaling multiple images.

The video concludes by suggesting viewers check out another video on how to create highly detailed mid-journey images using a different free tool.