Affirmations for Public Speaking - Overcome Fear with Self-Talk

Last updated: Feb 26, 2023

Public speaking can be a daunting task for many people, even experienced professionals.

Fear of public speaking is a common phenomenon that can lead to anxiety and avoidance of important opportunities.

Fortunately, there are ways to overcome this fear and negative thinking - through the use of positive affirmations.

Affirmations are positive statements or phrases that help us develop self-confidence and maintain focus during times of stress or difficult situations.

Affirmations for public speaking can provide reassurance and bolster the courage needed to speak up in front of an audience.

Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming presentation or just want to be more confident when talking in public, using affirmations can help you become a better speaker.

Here are affirmations you can use to improve your public speaking skills: 

Affirmations about my confidence as a public speaker

1. I am a confident and passionate public speaker. 

2. I am the master of my own words and the driver of my destiny.

3. I am powerful when I stand up in front of a crowd and deliver my message.

4. I am an exquisite speaker whose knowledge is valuable and desired.

5. I allow myself to shine brightly in any spotlight I step into.

6. I trust myself and my abilities to captivate and engage an audience.

7. I know how to use humor and energy to keep people's attention.

8. I have the courage to speak up and lead conversations with clarity.

9. I radiate confidence and believe in the power of my voice. 

10. My presence has weight, substance and impact in whatever space I inhabit.

11. No matter what happens, I will remain confident and focused.

12. I am safe to take up space and hold people’s attention.

13. I bring passion and enthusiasm to my presentations.

Affirmations about my knowledge to share with others

1. I trust that I have knowledge and wisdom to share with others.

2. I have the courage and confidence to share my knowledge with the world.

3. I am capable of delivering an inspiring, memorable message. 

4. Speaking in public allows me express my ideas powerfully and authentically.

5. I have something meaningful to share with my audience.

6. My words will touch hearts, minds and change lives.

7. I look forward to expressing my ideas with clarity and confidence.

8. I am proud to present my knowledge and ideas to the world.

Affirmations about my true self as a public speaker

1. I choose to be vulnerable and embrace my inner strength.

2. I take risks, remain flexible and adaptable to any situation.

3. I'm resilient in the face of adversity and am not afraid of mistakes or failure. 

4. I enjoy presenting, finding it a stimulating and rewarding experience.

5. I believe my stories will make a positive contribution to the world.

6. I connect with each person in the room and draw out their best qualities.

7. I wholeheartedly accept and embrace myself as I am.

8. Connecting with an audience is a source of joy for me.

9. My skills as a public speaker are growing each time I take the stage.

10. Every time I speak in public, I get better and better.

11. I am improving and growing every day as a public speaker.

Affirmations about my voice as a public speaker

1. My voice carries far and wide, inspiring everyone around me.

2. Every syllable that leaves my mouth carries with it truth, compassion, and purpose.

3. I can be heard and make an impact with my words.

4. I trust my abilities to speak eloquently and effectively in public. 

5. I know that I can captivate, engage and move an audience with my voice. 

Affirmations about my body language as a public speaker

1. My body language exudes confidence and command of the room.

2. I am in control of my body language and use it to show confidence.

3. My posture expresses strength and capability. 

4. Every move I make is purposeful and meaningful.

5. Eye contact allows me to engage with others and convey my thoughts with clarity.

6. Hand gestures give life to my words and ensure that people understand what I'm saying. 

7. Smiling helps put me at ease and lets people know that I'm approachable. 

8. Standing tall radiates an aura of power and control. 

9. I maintain direct eye contact when appropriate as a sign of respect. 

10. Keeping my palms open conveys openness and willingness to converse. 

11. My demeanor reflects the quality of my work, so I strive to be confident, composed, and energetic in every way I can.

Practice with these public speaking affirmation 

Using affirmations regularly will help you face your fear of public speaking, act more confidently and feel more at ease while on stage.

Practice making these statements part of your daily routine – say them aloud before an event or take time to write them down – so they become natural parts of your speech preparation process.

Over time, these affirmations will empower you with confidence and allow you to make a lasting impression every time you take center stage.